• Mixing/Mastering

  • Arrangment/Production

  • Session Musicians

Quality Recording Process

Quality is everything and should never be taken lightly. While reducing any stress on trying to get that perfect take, our focus is in detail.


Standard Mix (15 stem max)
Instrumental Mix
Vocal Editing
Drum Editing


Standard Master
Stem Mastering
Album / Mixtape Mastering

Trained Musicians & Production Team

We are a team of like-minded individuals who are eager to help expand your thoughts and develop your vision into a reality. Our musicians are hand picked to meet the need of every project. Each member eats, sleeps and breaths artistic vibration. You’ll receive a phenomenal performance, and our sole purpose is to spread the knowledge.


Songwriter / Vocalist / Music Producer / Engineer
Full song arrangements written and recorded.

Session Musicians

– Background Vocalists
– Bass
– Brass
– Drums
– Guitars
– Piano/Keys
– Professional Vocalist

Rates Customized to You

Stay within your budget and focus on what matters most… the music. We want to provide you with the best price possible for the best quality possible.

Tell Us About Your Project

– Get in touch and we will send you a custom quote

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