To build community awareness FYI Music Group has created a weekly podcast by the name of Introvert Vinyl Club. IVC is inspired by the creative minds around us and designed to further build musician brands within our local stomping grounds.

FYI Music Group presents IVC with special guest Buena Puente.

A journey across the creative spectrum, Buena Puente gives us an insight on his creative process along with discovering a passion for collage art. With an EP scheduled to release this summer, this is a creative you should add to your rotation.

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FYI Music Group present IVC with special guest Black Galifianakis.

In his very first interview, Blkglfnks has welcomed IVC into his home as Evan and IsaMan get an exclusive insight of the man behind the music. A New York native, Blkglfnks discusses his interest in the creative arts and how he made the life changing decision to move to Los Angeles after having a brief conversation with his influence Donald Glover.

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Featured Songs
  1. Crumb – Bones
  2. Nicotine’s Famous Honey – Running
  3. ▲❍▼❏ MoRuf! – Freshbuttas
  4. Malik LovesYall – Hot Water CornBread (Ft. Joy Postell)
  5. Wifisfuneral – 2MG Ft. Levi Carter
  6. Någå∞Någåm∈(m) – Roses [Prod. Nugget]
  7. Quelle Chris – BS Vibes feat. House Shoes
  9. Iman Omari – Kama Sutra
  10. Warm Brew – I Swear ft. Buddy
  11. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like Its Hot – ( Jake Milliner Remix )
  12. Dom Peluso the R.A.M – SoCal
  13. Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones (Katrah-Quey Remix)
  14. DECAP – LIFT w/ chromonicci
  15. Gifted Gab, Blimes Brixton – Come Correct
  16. Natty Reeves – Donuts for Dinner
  17. Playmore – Sarai
  18. Omar Apollo – Unbothered
  19. K, Le Maestro – LiFE
  20. Yeek – Only in the West

FYI Music Group presents IVC with special guest Sam Rabichow

Take a listen as we go into depth about Rabichow’s latest mixtape “420 Miles 2 E” expected to release January 31st. A songwriter, manager and entrepreneur, Rabichow explains his worth ethic and lifestyle leading up to the creation of this project.

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Featured Songs
  1. Tamara Renee – Poison B
  2. Max Ox – Prom Night
  3. ChrisJamesGuitar – Momma
  4. Senkawas – Flying Tortoise
  5. Natasha Agrama – In a sentimental mood
  6. Rumblepak – Fate It Seems
  7. Pajama Sam Tapes – Slappin (prod Pajama Sam)
  8. Innerwave – Song 3
  9. Pink $ock – Westside Girl
  10. Osiris – Stay Swagged
  11. Bones World – You Bet I Stare
  12. The Marias – Only In My Dreams
  13. Niia – Last Night In Los Feliz
  14. Like – Backwoods (thirdeye)
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