• Introvert Vinyl Club w/ Sam Rabichow

    Take a listen as we go into depth about Rabichow’s latest mixtape “420 Miles 2 E” expected to release January 31st. A songwriter, manager and entrepreneur, Rabichow explains his worth ethic and lifestyle leading up to the creation of this project.
  • NUFF' SAID 2017 Playlist

    “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence…” ~Osho

    In collaboration with Boogiewoman, our community came together for the funkiest show around! Where words failed, music spoke as every artist dynamic had the audience hypnotized.

    “I called it ‘Lost My Mind’ because that was the state I was in when creating it. I had no job, no direction, no faith, but through it all, I’ve learned many lessons. Today is the beginning of my life-long honest conversation with you guys…” -Angela Cross
  • Free Your Inhibition

    A collective of like-minded individuals, we do not associate ourselves with trends, but are built on the foundation of producing truth. Drawing from the rawness within, we transmit timeless music to our consumers by venturing among the mass depths of creativity presented within today’s generation.
    We contribute NOTHING BUT GOOD VIBES
  • Introvert Vinyl Club

    To build community awareness FYI Music Group has created a weekly podcast by the name of Introvert Vinyl Club. IVC is inspired by the creative minds around us and designed to further build musician brands within our local stomping grounds.
  • The Sauna

    A studio for the mind to free itself. The Sauna has become a sanctuary for artists to perform and provide more in-depth content as to who they are as individuals.