Comprehensive Music Production

From Songwriting to Mixing, We Do It All.

  • Production

  • Audio Editing & Mixing

  • Composition for Film & TV

We offer a range of professional audio production services to help you bring your musical vision to life. From audio recording and engineering to music production and composition for film & TV, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality results. Whether you’re a musician, artist, filmmaker, or content creator, our team of experienced audio professionals are here to help you achieve your creative on the radio.


Full Production
  1. Production BEFORE - Negra Tropicana 0:20
  2. Production AFTER - Negra Tropicana 0:20

Audio Editing & Mixing

Audio Editing & Mixing
  1. Audio Editing & Mixing BEFORE - XMas Dreamz 0:18
  2. Audio Editing & Mixing AFTER - XMas Dreamz 0:18

Film & TV Composition

Customized Composition
  1. Film & TV Composition Holiday Dreams 0:20
  2. Film & TV Composition Ice Queen 0:20
  3. Film & TV Composition Magical Serenade 0:20
  4. Film & TV Composition Pensive Days 0:20