• Production

    We are eager to help expand your thoughts and develop your vision into a reality. Whether it is to help transform your song from an acoustic rendition into a radio competitor; we add the diversity of songwriters, vocalists, music producers, and engineers to help create a fully written and recorded song.

  • Engineering

    We can help record your voice, guitar or any sound on the frequency spectrum with the sole purpose of capturing an emotional & detailed audio take.

  • Mixing

    A combined process of EQ, compression, panning, vocal tuning, and/or effects; let us take your song from a rough mix to a clean, punchy, wide, and dynamic experience.

Our Work


We are dedicated to ensuring your audio will sound its best on all platforms.

Let us help you compete with the music you hear on the radio.

  1. Malik LovesYall Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 1:22
  2. MUZIK Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 3:47
  3. Stone Cold Killer Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 3:41
  4. Fifty Five % Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 2:17
  5. The Happy Song Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 3:31
  6. Negra Tropicana Produced, Engineered, and Mixed 3:17

The Complete Process

Custom Pricing

LET US WORK TOGETHER Tell us your budget and we’ll let you know how we can best help your needs.


THE CLEANUP Removing Noise, Clicks and Pops and Counts-Offs; Fixing Bad Fades; Eliminating Unwanted Distortion; Clip Level Adjustment.

Time Correction

ADJUST THE TIMING Every now and again, we tend to have a portion of a recording that doesn’t feel quite right. The timing of the basic tracks will be tweaked if needed.

Pitch Correction

TRACK-TUNING PROGRAMS USED Waves Tune; Celemony Melodyne; iZotope Nectar Pitch Correction.

Drum Replacements

SOUND REPLACEMENT Carious sound-replacement techniques are used to get optimal sound.


INDUSTRY MIXING Fundamental EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing. 15 Stem limit.


COMPETE WITHIN THE INDUSTRY The final step to compete with the pros. Includes EQing, Widening and Dynamic touches.


UNLIMITED REVISIONS FOR 30 DAYS With unlimited revisions, we aren’t satisfied until you are. There is a 30 day time period for you to request as many revisions as you find necessary.

Still Have Questions?

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