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Title : EP 1: LOST MY MIND
Release Date : October 10, 2017
Label :
  1. Lost My Mind
  2. Freedom
  3. Because I'm a Woman
  4. Your Time Is Coming

“Recording this EP has been a year long process and I’ll always look at the whole journey as a miracle. I called it “Lost My Mind” because that was the state I was in when creating it. I had no job, no direction, no faith, but through it all, I’ve learned many lessons. Today is the beginning of my life-long honest conversation with you guys. No filters, no highlights, just truth. These songs have accompanied me through all my doubts as well as my victories and I hope you’ll keep them close to you too ” – Angela


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Release party: Lost My Mind Partay // Angela Cross

Artist: Angela Cross
Label: FYI Music Group
Producers: Taylor James and Evan Washington
Guitar: R.c. Rossell and Jonathan Sim
Drums: Jarren Heidelberg and Devan Monroe
Keys: Denis Lim and Marcus Petitt
Bass: Sean Alexander and Lawrence Shaw

Genres: Hip Hop, Alternative Pop, Funk, and Soul